COVID-19 Vaccine for Autoimmune Disease People

COVID-19 Vaccine for Autoimmune Disease

Is the COVID-19 vaccine beneficial for those with autoimmune diseases? When you have an autoimmune disease, your immune system isn’t functioning properly. Instead of merely targeting outside objects, it also attacks your own body. More than 48 million people worldwide have autoimmune disorders. Over 80 distinct autoimmune disorders exist, including: Diabetes Rheumatoid arthritis Inflammatory bowel … Read more

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The COVID-19 Booster and Your Kids

Children aged 5 and older receive two doses of the COVID-19 vaccination. Receiving a booster dose strengthens children’s immunity to the virus because the effectiveness of vaccines might diminish with time. However, it isn’t yet accessible to kids of all ages. What you should know is as follows. Other Options for Covid-19 Protection Other options … Read more

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How Does COVID-19 Spread Among people

Many Countries are reporting new cases of Corona virus of different variants. People are also developing symptoms of covid after contacting each other but the good news is now we can prevent the effect of covid with the availability of molnupiravir-an effective antiviral medicine. The Corona virus, which can travel between humans in a number … Read more

COVID-19 effects on Lungs

What Effects Does COVID-19 Have on Your Lungs?

COVID-19 Effect on Lungs In recent 2 years, we have witnessed various variants of COVID-19. Still, some regions are fighting with omicron which is different from the previous version and immune in some conditions. For the prevention of COVID-19, it is very much important to adopt some good habits of personal hygiene, social distancing and … Read more

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Adoption of 5 practices to protect from Covid

Practices To Protect From Covid The WHO has stated that the covid virus is still circulating, posing a risk of more lethal forms. Even while Covid-19 cases decline throughout most regions of the world, cities like Shanghai, China, and Delhi, India, have seen an unexpected increase in cases. Only after the mask restriction was repealed … Read more

New COVID Variant to Emerge

A New COVID Variant to Emerge in 2 Years

A New Covid Version Worse Than Omicron Will Emerge in 2 Years If you think Covid is ended after 2 years of constant fighting, think again. According to some experts, a new Covid strain, possibly even worse than the present Omicron type, might hit the globe in the upcoming 2 years. There is still a long path … Read more

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India is Going to Become a Center for Covid-19 Antiviral Drugs

After the drug controller issued emergency-use authorization to multiple pharmaceutical businesses in India to produce and commercialize generic versions of molnupiravir, India will become the world’s largest hub for Covid-19 antiviral general medication production. As Omicron infections develop in India, increased availability to molnupiravir will maintain hospitalizations and deaths to a manageable level. Dr. Reddy’s … Read more

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