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Post Covid Care: Guidelines for People Recovering Post Covid-19


If you have just recovered from COVID-19 or returned home from the hospital, you have won the battle but the war is still on. Pat yourself and get ready for more battles as you get back to your routine life.

After recovering from acute phase of illness, It’s important to continue being cautious especially after discharge. Post COVID period needs a supervised care and persistent  cautious attitude. Home quarantine should be done for appropriate duration as per your doctor.

What measures to be taken at home after discharge 

  • Continue COVID appropriate behavior (use of mask, hand & respiratory hygiene, physical distancing)
  • Readdress your ongoing medications for other pre-existing ailments
  •  Self-monitoring is essential to inform daily check of oxygen levels and temperature.
  • Look for warning signs like fever, breathlessness, low oxygen levels (Sp02 < 95%),  unexplained chest pain, new onset of confusion, focal bodily weakness
  • If you are started on blood thinners, keep a close watch on bleeding from any site like red colored urine, blood in stools, blood in phlegm
  • If you are started on oral corticosteroids, monitor your sugar levels
  • Ensure nutritious diet, adequate hydration (with plenty of fluids) and sound sleep
  • Be vigilant and vocal about your mental health
  • Recovered individuals should discuss the importance of right reflexes at right time and clear the myths and stigma around the disease
  • Professional work to be resumed in graded manner only after confirming with treating Physician
  • COVID Rehabilitation is extremely beneficial
  • Advisable to follow up with Physician after 10 days from discharge

You can try these six tips to deal with fatigue after COVID-19

  1. Make a new timetable with your current energy levels in mind. Plan meticulously.
  2. Reorganize your space/office/desk to reduce energy consumption.
  3. Be honest about how much you can take, and the things that need your input. Assign a priority to the tasks you set for yourself.
  4. Go slow: pace yourself.
  5. Don’t overlook how you are feeling.
  6. Eat energy-boosting foods. Bananas, apples, oranges and sweet potatoes are great for getting energy quickly. You can also add a little bit of honey to warm lemon water and drink that for a quick pick-me-up. When you are feeling really low energy, sipping on water can be surprisingly helpful.

What to do if you have Cough?

Dry Cough

  1. Drink lots of fluids. Include warm drinks like an infusion of tulsi leaves in boiled water or honey and lemon in warm water.
  2. Try to avoid alcohol, sugary drinks and coffee for some time, as these can cause dehydration.
  3. Sip on water throughout the day-don’t gulp several glasses at a time, sip slowly and frequently.
  4. Suck on a throat lozenge it will keep your throat moist and bring some relief.
Cough with Sputum
  1. Steam inhalation can loosen the phlegm and help it to come out. Take steam twice or thrice a day, for about 15 minutes each time.
  2. Try sleeping on one side rather than flat on your back. You could also sleep in the high side-lying position (on one side, with your head raised on multiple pillows).
  1. Drink lots of fluids, including high-protein and high-energy drinks like bone broth, and vegetables and lentil soup.
  1. You can also drink kadha made by boiling ginger, tulsi and black pepper in water for 5-7 minutes.
What to do if you have Anxiety?

The experience of having COVID-19 can be very frightening. The experience can have an emotional impact. These will help:

  • Avoid watching too much news or social media if it is making you feel anxious, try limiting yourself to looking at the news once a day
  • Take up meditation or yoga to de-stress and jumpstart your physical recovery
  • Stay connected with friends and family over the phone and video calls
  • Find and enjoy new activities (Cooking, Gardening & Painting)

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