Molnupiravir Capsule

How Does COVID-19 Spread Among people

Many Countries are reporting new cases of Corona virus of different variants. People are also developing symptoms of covid after contacting each other but the good news is now we can prevent the effect of covid with the availability of molnupiravir-an effective antiviral medicine. The Corona virus, which can travel between humans in a number of ways, is known to be the disease’s primary cause.

According to recent research, the virus mainly spreads between persons who are in close proximity to one another, as when they are interacting. When an infected person speaks, sneezes sings, or coughs, the virus can be transmitted through their lips or nose in tiny liquid particles. The virus can then be spread to another person through short-range aerosol transmission (also known as short-range airborne transmission) or by direct contact of infectious particles with the eyes, nose, or mouth (droplet transmission).

Additionally, the Corona virus can spread in congested, poorly ventilated interior areas where people frequently spend longer time periods. This is due to the fact that aerosols can stay in the air or travel more than a conversation distance (this is known as the long-range airborne transmission).

When a person touches their eyes, nose, or mouth after contacting surfaces or things that have been infected by the Corona virus, they risk the chance of contracting the disease. People who are infected may be contagious and transfer the illness to others. According to laboratory results, infected individuals seem to be most transmittable in the two days prior to the onset of symptoms and in the early stages of the illness. People who experience severe illness may remain transmittable for longer.

Antiviral drugs such as Molupiravir capsule are very effective for stopping the virus from replicating. Similarly, for a patient with mild to moderate symptoms and some risk factors, molnupiravir capsule 200 mg can reduce the risk of hospitalization or death by nearly 90%.

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